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A good amount of people swear by caffeine to start their day and quite possibly to keep it going. Coffee, tea, energy drinks, caffeine pills and the list goes on regarding how people get their fix, but to what end? Can people continually push their tolerance without any drawbacks? Or is the stuff really the best thing since sliced bread?


Good Vs. Evil


No matter your stance on the stuff, study after study stands behind the benefits of caffeine consumption:


-Mood enhancer

-Increased alertness

-Increased metabolism

-Increased athletic performance

-Increased concentration… need I say more.


There really aren’t any drawbacks to taking the stuff unless you have underlying medical conditions that would be worsened by an increase in heart rate and things alike, or for that matter a hypersensitivity. Science backs the individual who wants to make it a staple in their daily regimen, but within reason. The bad that comes along with caffeine consumption solely revolves around the amount consumed on a single dose and/or daily dose. With great power comes great responsibility. Just because caffeine is THAT GOOD doesn’t mean you can’t have too much of a good thing. Across the board <400mg per day seems to be accepted as the higher end of normal. Due to the fact that it is a mild stimulant it is considered a drug, but no concrete studies support it being addictive. That isn’t to say excessive amounts can’t have a negative impact on the body. Too much can lead to adrenal fatigue and several withdrawal symptoms.


All things considered, caffeine falls in line with most things… approach with some common sense and keep it in moderation. The benefits far outweigh the risks if you keep these simple things in mind. Be mindful.

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