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It’s a WRAP!

It’s A Wrap! Let me start by offering a little insight as to how this topic came about. A little while back someone hadView full post »

Leg Press or Squat?

Leg Press or Barbell Squat? Let’s be honest, if you know me, then you know my answer immediately, but it still warrantsView full post »

L-Carnitine =Tenacious Fat Loss

The Glorious L- Carnitine Someone once asked me what it was I thought was the single most beneficial supplement toView full post »


Going Clear And we’re not talking Dianetics     We’ve all been told the same old story about how importantView full post »

Take A Chill Pill

We punish ourselves daily, sometimes multiple times in a day to reach higher heights on our way to goals we once mayView full post »

The Strictest of Press

Strict Press   Some short and sweet key points to consider when executing the strict press. Remember it startsView full post »

The Message

The message of Barbell Republic is simple: It is the people’s strength that matters. Getting back to the basics andView full post »