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Fish Oil


Fish oil and all its glory

Our over the counter supplement to omega 3 fatty acid, it comes in many forms under an umbrella of brands. When choosing fish oil some things need to be taken into consideration like brand reputability and purity. Understand there are many companies trying to capitalize on this oily gem, so purity is what needs to be questioned, making sure its free of mercury and harmful metals.

Why are we supplementing omega 3’s? To offset the imbalance of omega 6’s roaming our body thanks to the amount of harmful things we take in, and just byproducts in general secondary to the inner workings of our body’s chemical rundown. These toxins we take in promote heavy oxidization and free radicals that can/and will damage the very things we work to improve or in some cases to aid in prevention. Our bodies are in search of a 1:1 ratio (6’s to 3’s). Some studies support a staggering statistic that the average male walks around with a 30:1 ratio, that is flat out absurd. When choosing a supplement we’d like to seek out as high a concentration of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). The brand I use offers 950mg EPA/DHA per 1360mg pill, not too shabby. Lately I have been gravitating towards Barlean’s fish oil for not only the concentration, but the flavors are so on point that I can treat them like a dessert while I am dieting. In the end there’s no scientific based “daily dose”, but 1-3 grams seems to be openly accepted. It’s well understood that keeping a good ratio staves off heart attacks and strokes, but also benefits eyesight and inflammatory issues like arthritis. They are also finding that taking fish oil on a daily basis increases insulin sensitivity. This can be a “wonder supplement” for the resistance training gym goer, as well as your type 2 diabetics that are learning how to control their sugar through diet and exercise. Manipulating your insulin sensitivity is something I will touch on in another post in regards to muscle gain or fat loss. Until then, soak in all the wonderful stats on fish oil, including that some studies make claims of boosting brainpower, but I’ll leave that up to you to read on.


All in all there aren’t many drawbacks to supplementing this diamond in the rough.

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