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The Strictest of Press


Strict Press


Some short and sweet key points to consider when executing the strict press. Remember it starts from the ground up. If you’re as solid as a bag of jello from the chest down, does you no good to perform a strict press overhead.

-Feet under the hips. You can engage the hips by acting as if you are spreading the ground with your feet.

-Quads and glutes engaged to help keep a stable lumbar curve.

-Midsection tight and organized, bracing as if you are about to be punched in the stomach.

-Do not press the bar around your face. Instead, tuck the head back slightly as the bar travels straight up.

-Lockout the weight overhead by pressing the weight to the ceiling, elbows locked, and shoulders active (often this is evident when your armpits are facing forward).

-Finish the movement with the head slightly in front of the bar. Keep in mind this isn’t meant to be your best turtle impression. The goal is for the body to be completely inline from the wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet. If this midline position is met, your head will naturally reside just in front of the bar. Forcing your head forward by over accentuating the position (or better known as turtle peaking) leaves you more susceptible to injury by now deviating from a stable midline position. Added stress while under load is an injury waiting to happen.

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