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Week Ten





-5 x 40%

-5 x 50%

-5 x 60%
*explosive 40 yard push sled after each set

3 Rounds

-Max chin ups (wide grip) and dips
-10 x neck of your choice
-20 x abs of your choice

3 sets of 20 reps

Day 2

Log clean



-5 x 40%

-5 x 50%

-5 x 60%

3 Rounds
-10 reps of DB unilateral incline press
-10 reps of fat bar bicep curls
-20 reps of reverse hypers
-20 reps of chained grenade tricep extensions

Incline walk with 40 pound vest

-40 minutes

Day 3

Front squat



-5 x 40%

-5 x 50%

-5 x 60%

*20 double unders between squat sets

*Max reps of push ups between press sets

2 sets of each:

(not for time, rather for focus on eccentric and concentric phase)

-12 reps of DB lat raises
-12 reps of banded behind back
-15 reps of rear deltoid kickbacks

3 Rounds:
-10 reps of DB Arnold press
-10 reps of log rows
-10 reps of neck
-20 toes to bar

Remember to embrace a week to offset and deload. If the intensity and volume are high, a week to reset and let the body catch up is needed much more than wanted. If you are feeling froggy with some ants in your pants, settle in with some yoga, rowing or even pilates; all good forms of active recovery. Point being – EMBRACE IT!

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